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Gingerbread Parade Continues at MoFACo on Main

 Yesterday, December 17, we celebrated the community showcase of the St George Gingerbread Parade. Lots of photos and videos shared on our Instagram. <---  Go there to check it out. In the meantime, the party continues with a Contest at MoFACo on Main Street. Those that wanted to participate have moved their gingerbread creations to the back of the Modern Farm and Artisan Co-op or MoFACo located at 55 N. Main Street, St George, UT. The gingerbread houses will remain until very early January. Winners will be announced January 6! For those of you that are interested, vote for your favorites. Terms: vote up to once per day until January 5th during hours of operation. And then MoFACo will do drawings of eligible voters so you can win prizes sponsored by Menchies Frozen Yogurt of St George. Yum.