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Graduation: 4 years of Gingerbread Parade

  For the last four years I have organized the St George Gingerbread House Parade. And this year, I declare that I have graduated from it. Yippee! I will from here on out be supporting the Jubilee of Trees.  This year I plan to make one Christmas Wreath and one Gingerbread House for charity to raise funds for St George Regional Hospital. I totally get it that a lot of people think that the hospital doesn't need our charity because they got money and we lowly people don't. But, let's try to reason why it's good for the community. Because of the philanthropy of the community, it benefits us. The hospital can expand and bring needed services to the area keeping the costs down for us. You can read more about that here: Foundation/Jubilee of Trees. So, what I am doing is shutting down the nonprofit status of St George Gingerbread House Parade and any remaining funds in the business account will be distributed to a nonprofit in the area as per the rules of the Articles of Inc