2021 - Christmas Quest, a Selfie Scavenger Hunt

 The St George Gingerbread Parade is in cooperation with Fandom Entertainment to bring St George a Christmas Quest. This gamify experience is available as an app to download on your phone for $6. During your quest or hunt, you solve clues, drive around St George and can win prizes. Usually everything is free here at the Gingerbread Parade, but by teaming up with Fandom Entertainment, we can fundraise for our nonprofit with this app-game and it can support causes we care about. One cause I care about it is bringing fun and entertainment to families and friends here in St George. I'm trying to spread Christmas Cheer and this is one way to do it. 

I've already started playing and it's pretty fun so far. I like it because I like games, I like puzzles and it's nice that I have been able to solve these clues. It's true that a few clues I wasn't "getting it" but after a quick google search I've been able to figure out the clues.

I like it better than some of the other Clue apps on the market because unlike a murder mystery where you have to talk to 30 different witnesses... you just read the clue, solve it, drive to the location, the GPS recognizes where you are, you take a picture and share your story on Facebook or Instagram and then go to the next clue. 

It is a sharing app. The goal is to play together with friends and family and like a game or a race see who can get all the clues first. So, yes, there is definitely an element to the game where you share your information with friends. Just remember though, just because you are sharing a photo of yourself, doesn't mean you have to have the location name in the background of the photo. You can be more vague about the locations - only give your friends a sneak peek as to where you are in town... so you don't give away all the clues. You want your friends to figure it out for themselves. You don't want to spoil everything for them.

So, do you wanna play? Follow this link here to pay for the app and play along. If you are sharing stories publicly, it be cool if you can tag #gingerbreadparade - because I'd love to see your smiling faces having fun.

If you are enjoying this app and want to bring the experience to your own town, Questions? Call or Text Brad Cornilles, Director: 801-615-0310

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