2021 - The GPS Selfie Scavenger Hunt in St George

 Remember how I told you we are in cooperation with Fandom Entertainment to bring St George a Christmas Quest - Well, it's changed names to let everyone know - it's all December long - ends December 31st at midnight!

Sign up at the link to play along. Brad Cornilles has worked hard to bring this to St George and I'm promoting it, too. I want you all to have some more Holiday fun and win cool prizes.

Schools are about to let out and even though family is in town and kids are sleeping in, we still want to go do some fun stuff during the day. This is it. At only $6 to join - it's the perfect thing.

Download the app and figure out the clues - they aren't too hard - and go to the checkpoints for the next clue. 

If you are really struggling with a clue, message me on the Facebook or Instagram apps and I will help you!

In the meantime, have fun!

Sign up Here

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