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I aim to keep this small nonprofit as open and honest as possible. I want you to know that when you donate to help this small organization - just how I use the funds is outlined every year.

We kept it a bit smaller in 2022 - but still managed to pull off a fun community event.

It was great that we partnered with Downtown Farmers Market and then later with MoFACo- the Modern Farm and Artisan Co-op. We were able to do a free community showcase during the last Farmers Market of the season at Vernon Worthen Park. And then during the week just before and after Christmas, MoFACo at 55 N Main Street in St George hosted the gingerbread contest.

The winner was Amber Empey of St George. She submitted 4 gingerbread creations and all of them were awesome. We had over 250 visitors come in and vote. Thank you community for coming out to support this annual event.

We plan to partner with them again in 2023 and also offer some gingerbread workshops throughout the year. So stay tuned for those announcements. Follow us on our Instagram or Facebook social media accounts to be first to hear about upcoming workshops.

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